The 40 years of the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse

The story of the association

From 1980 to our days


Foundation of the Ailes Anciennes de Toulouse

The association was founded in 1980 by Jean-François BRUNA-ROSSO, after having been inspired by the precedent of the Ailes Anciennes Le Bourget: a group of enthusiasts who always work in collaboration with the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace du Bourget to restore the machines to be exhibited.


The first aircraft

In June 1981, the association took possession of its first aircraft, a Nord 1100 «Ramier», ceded by the French Air Force.

This plane does not stay alone long since November sees the arrival of a North American T-6G. Unfortunately, it is very incomplete and will require many hours of work.

For its first anniversary, the association is offered by the French Air Force a Vulture II B, come by the air. It is followed in the same year by a Morane-Saulnier 733 «Alcyon».


The first hangar

In 1982, the association recovered two F-84G “Thunderjet”, in very poor condition, from a range in order to rebuild one. Then the ALAT (Light Aviation of the Army) gives us a Nord Aviation 3400 and a Max Holste MH 1521 «Broussard».

At the same time, the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce provides us with a plot of land within the Blagnac airport, on which we are building our first work shed.


The collection grow up thanks to the French Air Force

In 1983, the family grew by two Dassault Mystère IV A, a Dassault MD.312 «Flamant» and a Fouga CM.170 «Magister». The latter two were supplied by the French Air Force.


One more year and five more aircrafts

1984 was a good year where we received 5 airplanes.

First came a Lockheed T-33 «T-Bird», donated by the US Air Force as one of the Mystère IV A. Then came a Gloster «Meteor» NF 11 and a Nord-Aviation 2501 «Noratlas», both from the French Air Force. Finally, a Merville SM 30 glider and an original prototype (how much) the SNCASO/ONERA «Deltaviex» are recovered. This experimental aircraft, built in 1953, is characterized by a 70-degree wing. It was discovered in the Alps.


An hardwork year

In 1985, we continued our quest by obtaining two Nord Aviation 1300 gliders and a Dassault Super Mystère B2. The latter being ceded to us by the Air Force. Few recoveries this year as the association engages in parallel work of titan: the disassembly of a four-engine Breguet 765 «Sahara» or «Deux-Ponts» (45 meters of span, 29 meters long and almost 6 meters of fuselage height).



The light aviation year

1986 is the year of light aviation for us. In addition, there are six new aircraft: a Castel 310 P glider, a Nord Aviation 1100 «Ramier», a Piper «Cub» C 65, a Morane MS.893 A «Rallye», a René Fournier RF 3 motorcycle-glider and a Henri Mignet HM-8.

In April of the same year the dismantling of the Breguet Deux Ponts was completed by the separation of the fuselage and the central wingbox.


The first helicopter

Our collection grew again in 1987 with our first helicopter: a Sikorsky H-34 donated by the Air Force.

Then comes the biggest mobile home in the world from the Evreux air base, near Paris. It is the fuselage of the Breguet Deux Ponts, mounted on wheels, thus putting a final note to the biggest recovery company we have ever mounted. But this adventure was just beginning.

We pass from one end to the other since this arrival was followed by that of a Henri Mignet «Pou du Ciel».

He shared a truck with the fuselage of the SNCASO 6025 “Swordfish”, a prototype heavy fighter of the late 1940s. Then it was the turn of a Spanish Jodel D112.




Gift time !

1988 New Year gift: a de Havilland Vampire T.11 followed by a Republic Aircraft F-84F «Thunderstreak», offered by the Belgian Air Force. It comes from the Beauvechain base where it was dismantled the previous year.




Legend’s traffic

In 1989, our second helicopter, a Piasecki H-21 “Flying Banana” arrived. One plane leaves us and another arrives. We are exchanging a Nord Aviation 1100 for an F-104 G from Deutsche Luftwaffe.

An air transport legend, a Douglas C-47 «Dakota» enters our collection.

And for our Christmas, the ALAT museum, which has already provided us with the H-21, offers us our third helicopter: a Sikorsky H-19B.

We have to wait until the following Christmas for our “little” gift: a McDonnell F-101B “Voodoo”, donated by the US Air Force from Davis Monthan base. This plane was transported free of charge by the French Navy.


An homemade aircraft

In 1991, we saw a racer enter the collection, the «Gagnant» made by an amateur manufacturer


The year of the engines

1992 is for us the year of the engines with the recovery in a school of engineers of Toulouse of a collection of engines in cut, ranging from the piston engine of 100 hp to the double-flow reactor of 7 tons of thrust. Santa does not forget us because he brings us a Caudron C.800 glider.


The collection grow up

In early 1993, we received our fourth helicopter, a SNCASO Djinn. Then came two long-time enemy hunters but now side by side: the Dassault Mirage III C and the MiG-21. The first comes from the French Air Force and the second from Deutsche Luftwaffe.


« Super Sabre », donation of the US Air Force

June 1994 saw the arrival of a North American F-100D “Super Sabre”, donated by the US Air Force, from the Bitburg base (FRG). It should be noted that this plane once flew under the French colors.


The turbo engine year

1995 is a very turbo engine year. First of all, we see a must for our museum: a Caravelle in the colours of Air Toulouse. Next came a Hawker Hunter from Switzerland, an F-84F from the USAF base in Ramstein, Germany, and a Fouga Magister from Châteaudun. In the fall we recover, coming from a technical school of the region, a prototype of the helicopter AS355E Ecureuil 2 which is a twin engine.



Properler party

Trend change for 1996 with no less than 4 propeller aircraft. First, one of the weirdest airplanes there is, the Super Guppy. It was logical that this old trucker from the Toulouse skies changed parking to come and retire with us. Next comes a Caudron Phalene, loaned by the Air Museum. Then it is a Gardan GY 80 Horizon that comes to us from Muret. The last plane of the year is a Douglas A-26 Invader, coming by the road from Marmande.


Show is on !

Spectacular arrival of a MiG-21 by Beluga. A Castel C 25 S glider enters the collection. This camera has the distinction of being one of those who participated in the final scene of the film «La Grande Vadrouille».



The collection still grow up

The association sees a MIG 15 coming from the Czech Republic. We also obtain a CT20 target spacecraft from the Landes Test Centre. Two Gazelle wrecks, including a prototype of the SA340, arrived.


Storm does some damage

Quiet year, no new planes. The December storm caused significant damage to the T6.


The 20 years of the association

The year 2000 saw the arrival of a Bébé Jodel and a Falcon 10. This is the 02 prototype and was used to test the Larzac engine powering the Alphajet. It is the year of the 20 years of the association. It is also the realization of the work on the plane parking and the beginning of our move from the hangar «butte de tir». In September we organize an exhibition weekend on the Place du Capitole in front of the Toulouse City Hall. In November, Renault rented a part of the collection for the European presentation of the Laguna 2.


New hangar

The entire year is spent moving, building and fitting out our new hangars. It closes with the arrival of the Crusader fuselage.


1st Toulouse Air Legend airshow

The first six months of the year are entirely devoted to the development of our new hangars. At the beginning of the year, the wing of the Crusader arrives. At the beginning of October, we organized the 1st Toulouse Air Légende meeting, a success. From mid-October the work is resumed on the planes whose restorations had been suspended during the construction work.



Work continued throughout the year. The Gazelle is finished, the Crusader is almost fully assembled, a wing of the A26 is almost finished, the Falcon 10 is finished externally, remains the interior. The work on a wing and a drift of Deux-Ponts has progressed well but what a job! Autumn saw the arrival of three new planes. The prototype of the ST10 from SUPAERO, a Cessna 152 to restore and a MS.760 Paris from Châteaudun. At the beginning of October, a nice moment, the engine of the Broussard was restarted for the first time since 1982.


2nd Toulouse Air Legende airshow

The beginning of the year saw the completion of the restoration of the Gazelle, for which we received thanks from Eurocopter. In early May, we lend the Guppy and the Caravelle for the inauguration of the A380 factory. The reassembly of the Crusader is complete and its painting begins. The restoration of the MS.760 Paris is fast approaching. The restoration of the Falcon is complete. The restoration of the Djinn is underway. At the end of September we organize the 2nd Salon des Ailes Anciennes (Toulouse Air Légende), it is once again a huge success. At the end of October we lend the Caravelle again for the days open to the public of the A380 factory.


Several positive devellopments

Nous récupérons une Alouette III en plusieurs voyages : Pau, Perpignan et Annecy puis un Mirage III E en provenance du centre de la France ainsi que le prototype Alouette II Marine en Dordogne. La restauration du poste de pilotage marque la fin de la restauration du MS.760 Paris. Début de la restauration du F-104 G et du Nord 1100. Nous participons au festival aéronautique de Gimont et à la Foire Internationale de Toulouse (avec la Gazelle). Le Cessna 152 est amené au Lycée St-Exupéry de Blagnac où il sera en partie restauré.


The collection is gathered

Recovery of a Fournier autogire. The restoration of the MD 312 Flamant is launched. We participate with the Gazelle at the Meeting ALAT of the 5th RHC in PAU. Collection aircraft assembled near the hangars. Already partly launched, the TAL 2006 project falls through the cracks due to a lack of agreement with Airbus.


Work continues on several aircraft

We begin the painting of the F-84G. We collect and go back in the wake of the Saab Draken from Austria. Recovery also of a Wassmer Bijave and a Squale. Complete restoration of the coach Concorde. Purchase a container to finish storing the parts of the half-barrel move.


Nouvel élévateur, nouvelles maquettes…

The year began with the end of the half-barrel hangars move and the purchase of a 7t lift. Participation in the Air Expo meeting in Francazal in the rain and with the CT-20. A little later, we picked up a Fouga Magister who then took part in the exhibition for Toulouse, the capital of culture. On this occasion, he is transferred to STTS which plans to paint it in Brazilian colors. We are depositing a fully restored Dakota propeller at DGAC. We collect a Alouette II from a private individual as well as a large quantity of models from ATR.container to finish storing the parts of the half-barrel move.


Everything is evolving

We recover some external tanks of Mirage III C and III E that were quickly mounted on the planes. We sign the Push-Pull convention which is then dismantled and put in deposit at the Lycée Saint-Exupéry de Blagnac. We also sign the convention of the Merlin IV of Météo France during a reception in Francazal. We transfer the Jaguar, the HR100, the Cessna 310 and the Fouga Magister just painted by STTS from the CEV to the Airbus waiting lot. As the Jaguar was damaged, we bought a canopy for it. We also noted the recovery of ATR propellers.


30th anniversary

30th anniversary of the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse and the relocation of the aircraft to the new exhibition area of Saint-Martin du Touch. Participation in an exhibition in Villefranche-de-panat (engine and propeller) and at the Salon des métiers de l’Industrie in Blagnac (with the H-19). More than 33,000 people visit our collection during the Airbus Family Day. Creation of the Cockpit Days. In 6 days, more than 1,750 paying visitors and many memberships. Departure of the restored Djinn for the Air Museum of Le Bourget and purchase of two Djinn that we will restore. Interior of the Caravelle completely refurbished in two years of efforts.


The beginning of Aeroscopia

A special year because the association is shared between the collection in Saint-Martin and the Hangar in Colomiers. A Storage Shed is set up in Saint-Martin where a large part of the material stored at Colomiers moves there for many months. The restoration of the Alouette II has progressed well, as has the restoration of the Djinn and Breguet Deux-Ponts. In April, our Hangar has only a few weeks to live, barely enough time to paint the F-104 whose restoration is coming to an end. In May, the Hangar is no longer… On the recut side, the Merlin from Météo France arrives in the collection. The first stone is laid at Aeroscopia. In Saint-Martin, the restorations resume without roof on the head. Especially on the Jaguar which receives a new vertical fin. In October, a tent is installed on the ground to receive the restoration of helicopters, North 1101 and medium rooms. It allows in December to organize the first Aero Christmas Market.


Moving in progress in Blagnac

The year begins with the recovery of a Breguet Alizé in Nimes. He joined the collection and a team was set up to undertake the restoration. A little later, an Airbus A380 front train enters the collection. At the same time, the restoration of the Vampire’s fuselage is progressing well at IFIP. During the year, the fuselage returns to the collection before reassembly. The Cockpit Tours continue throughout the year, while work on the Djinn and Noratlas is progressing well. The new tomb during the summer, we must move to Blagnac! Work on the new site is ongoing and the relocation of the aircraft is progressing well, with the help of Airbus. The 50 aircraft cross the tracks in small groups and on October 12, everything is ready for the last straight. In the evening at 6pm, all the devices are in place! Just arrived, the collection is joined by a new H-19 from Valencia. At the end of the year, the new warehouse is ordered and delivered by Frisomat, just in time for the Christmas Market!


After the move comes the layout

The year is marked by the development of the Storage Hangar in which are preserved the engines, gliders and aircraft too fragile to stay outside. Pouring of the concrete slab, then extension, then pouring of the second slab before the integration of electricity, shelves, mezzanine and all the equipment that moved there from the Saint-Martin field. Indeed, the first months are very busy with the relocation of the equipment and the development of the land (drainage, electricity, installation of sanitary facilities, etc.). But the beginning of the year is also marked by the partnership with STTS and Airbus for the painting of the Super Guppy! Then, when the move ends, we find a nose for our Jaguar, we set up a small painting room to help the construction sites that are taking over (such as the restoration of the small helicopter demonstrator, or the reassembly of the horizontal tail of the Voodoo). Our Piper Cub leaves in September at the Museum of ALAT which will present it to its visitors. In October, we celebrate our first year on the field of Blagnac by realizing the first Weekend at the Wings which gathers 2,000 visitors! On this occasion, several machines integrate the collection (Gringo and Hang-gliding). We also participated in several exhibitions (Lavardens, Cinéma le Meliès, Festival Etoiles et des Ailes) before organizing the second Christmas Market on the grounds of Blagnac. The recovery of a project of Pou du Ciel concludes the year.


Year of transition and assembly

A busy year that begins with the painting of the ST10 at IFIP. It is then transferred to a training center in Francazal. We must then partially dismantle the Cessna Push-Pull that we lent to the Lyçée Saint-Exupery de Blagnac, in order to bring it back to the field through the streets of Blagnac. No time to rest since a Fouga Magister is to be recovered in Saint-Etienne! Done in February. The machine was brought to IFIP which repainted it with the Belgian colours of the «Red Devils» in a few months. Brought back to the field during the year, it is reassembled in the fall. As in previous years, several Cockpit Tours are carried out, but no Wings Weekend, nor Christmas Market, because of the preparation of Aeroscopia which monopolizes the volunteers. As for Aeroscopia, we bring the first machines to Mars (Falcon 10 and Super Guppy). A Wassmer Bijave integrates the collection before the teams embark on the recovery of an Etendard IV in Vannes, which arrives at the end of May. Les Ailes participates in several exhibitions (ENAC, Air Expo, Festivale Etoiles et des Ailes, Francazal) and between them look at the repatriation of the Fouga Magister that we entrusted in the 1990s to the IUT of Rangueil. Disassembled by the teams, it is stored for two months in the field and then integrates Aeroscopia. In the Museum, we open the Super Guppy and finally enter the small planes in the hall (Bleriot 11, Skyranger, Gringo, Swordfish). We take advantage of the passage of the Caravelle and the Concorde towards Aeroscopia to go and get a second Cessna 310 at the CEV. Then we launch LA récupération de l’année, a Breguet 941 in Aubenas. It’s big, it’s far enough, and it reminds us of the recovery of the biggest and farther Breguet Deux-Ponts! The engines were dismantled and the wings were brought back in several convoys. Only the fuselage remained on site for the year. During the last days of the year, the last planes enter Aeroscopia (Push-Pull, Fouga, Merlin, Paris, MiG-15, F-104G , Mirage III, Crusader, Jaguar and Nord 1101).


A successful year

The year 2015 sees the realization of our move to Blagnac. With the help of other associations, Airbus, the Town Hall and construction companies, we finally built the Hangar «Atelier des Avions» which houses our workshops and our premises, but also the premises of two other associations (Cap Avenir Concorde and Aérothèque). The building was erected in September and we spend long months to develop (concrete slab pouring, mezzanine installation, electricity and creation of rooms like a library, a break room and changing rooms). At the end of the year, the Hangar hosts a Cockpit Tour in October and the Christmas Market in December. In terms of recoveries, the Breguet 941 arrives in January, but is not back up in the wake because of repairs we have to make on the wings.A few months later, a MS.880 Rallye integrates the collection, followed by the Chagnes Microstar which is quickly installed sheltered in Aeroscopia. We participate in several outdoor events such as the Aerobroc in Lasbordes, Air Expo in Muret, the helicopter day at ENAC, or the general meeting of Crédit Mutuel de Blagnac which helped us in the recovery of the Breguet 941. The year ended with the entry of the first planes into the Food Shed.

In terms of visits, we receive 17,000 visitors over the year, a record helped by the successful Cockpit Visits and the frank increase in days of visits (we go from a day and a half a week, to 4 afternoons and a day). Aeroscopia, as we had always said for 35 years, made a first year of fanfare to 218,000 visitors.


Inauguration of the hangar and construction of the new shop

After seeing the first planes arrive, the hangar continues its completion with the continuation of interior fittings such as the installation of the compressed air circuit or the installation of the rolling cabinets of the library. A new welcome for visitors will also be built. The inauguration of the hangar took place on November 5 in the presence of many personalities and elected officials.

This year will also see the signing of the agreement between Les Ailes Anciennes and Toulouse Métropole for the construction of a replica of Salmson 2A2.

We also recovered the Spirit of Cavaroc, a small wing-on-wing aircraft with a propulsion engine.

The Socata ST-10 will also return to the field after spending several years in a training centre.


First restored aircraft exits new hangar

In 2017, the first restored aircraft leaves the new restoration hangar: the SO 1221 Djinn will join the Aeroscopia Museum after 6 years of restoration. Another departure from the collection: the Coralie rocket stage joins the Cité de l’Espace where it is displayed next to Ariane 5.
On the recovery side, we picked up an MS 880 Rallye as well as the Piper Apache that ENAC used for its teachings.  The Thales Alumni Association will provide us with a Cyrano I bis radar of Mirage III C.
As for the restoration projects, they are making great strides thanks to the new infrastructure. Among the highlights, the Breguet 765 will have its first engine restored, the Saab Draken and the Alouette II will be given a new paint, the MS 733 will be completely stripped to begin the structural work, The Noratlas will get a lot of work on the outside and there will be some good progress on the F-101. The Salmson 2A2, whose fuselage was recovered from the school that built the fuselage base, will also advance.

As for the demonstrations, we organized 2 cockpit visits and a weekend at the wings. We also hosted part of the Des Etoiles et des Ailes festival and organized a temporary exhibition at the Fenouillet shopping centre. We also participated in the opening of the Pinot farm.

We were also honored with the Medal of Old Toulouse, awarded by the association Toulousains de Toulouse and concluded a partnership agreement with the Academy of Montpellier.


The year of the Mirages!

L’année terminera sur une bonne nouvelle : un Mirage 2000N nous a été attribué par l’Armée de l’Air !

2018 will be a great year in terms of the recovery of new aircraft as it will be 3 new aircraft that will enter the collection: the Super Etendard Modernisé N°25, the Mirage IV P n°26 and the Mirage F1 CT N°261!

On the restoration side, there will also be major advances. The Breguet Alizé will regain its half wings, the Caravelle will be entitled to a new sound system and a lot of work will be done on the Breguet 2 Ponts.  The Salmson 2A2 will advance enormously and will be almost finished by the end of the year.

Our van will also receive a new decoration thanks to the talent of Alexandre Boisdron: a Salson 2A2 and a Breguet are now on the sides!

 The year will end with good news: a Mirage 2000N has been awarded by the French Air Force!


A year full of recovery and projects!

2018 was a good year but 2019 was not to be outdone!

On the program of recoveries:
– A Minimax
– HM 293 “Pou du Ciel”
A310 cockpit layout model
– A CB 10 “Turbulent”
– Two Astafan Turbomeca engines
– A Fokker D VII propeller
– Airbus E Fan
– A Mirage 2000N

2 aircraft also leave our facility. The Salmson 2A2, just completed, will join the Envol des Pionniers, which will mark the end of the project. We also made available to the Caylus camp a Noratlas for exhibition. The Turbulent, arrived earlier in the year, will find its place in Aeroscopia.

As for tools, the association decided to invest in a tool of the future: a 3D printer!

As for the restaurations, many advances have been made, whether on the D120, the Breguet 765, the Draken, the Mirage F1, the Breguet 941S or the engines of Mirage IV. We have also advanced the restoration of devices that do not belong to us through coin donations: the Noratlas de Provence has received from us a batch of room allowing them to continue to fly their plane and we will bring a tank of Djinn to the Ailes Limousines so that they can move forward in their restoration.

We also participated in 3 music videos: that of Laura Cox, that of Nasser and that of a Hard Rock band. We also served as the backdrop for the official photos of the TO XIII Hope Team.

Guests visited us: the Centre Etudes, Reserves et Partenariats de l’Armée de l’Air (CERPAA), the unit with which we discuss the procedures for making available the Air Force, came to visit our intallations.


Our goal is the preservation of the aviation heritage. All this work aims to place the collection in the shelter in a suitable and visitable premises: an Aeronautical Museum in Toulouse (now called Aeroscopia)







from 2pm to 5.30pm


from 10am to 5.30pm





Gathered for years by our association, the collection includes many aircraft (aircraft, helicopters, gliders) but also a large amount of various aeronautical equipment (engines, dashboards, ejection seats, missiles, …). Here is a small overview of the collection, which will reveal its secrets during your visit.






Most of the association’s resources come from collection visits, but unfortunately it is not always enough to carry out our projects.

If you wish to help us, you can:
– Make a tax-free donation to our association via our endowment fund
– Become a volunteer and participate in the activities of the association